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Welcome to CELEBRITYRUMBLE! I have recently taken over this comm, and a lot of the rules and guidelines have changed, so please read everything below. A rumble is just like an iconathon and is in some ways similar to a LIMS contest, but it does have its differences. In a rumble, no one is eliminated for their icons or not entering; instead, you receive cumulative points based on your icons.

• For every round, there will be 7 challenges.
• During challenges 1-6, you will be given a theme from which you'll create an icon of a celebrity.
• Challenge 7 will be a special round. I’ll take all the celebrities from challenges 1-6 and randomly assign one of them to each participant.

Layout codes by fruitstyle
Profile codes by refuted
Community graphics by talli_approved

Some rules and guidelines acquired from celebiconathon, disney_rumble, britneyrumble, spears_stills, char_rumble, shipper_rumble, and tvfilm_rumble


01. In order to participate, your username must be on the participant's list. To sign up, go to the sign-up post (can be found through tags).
02. Any icon you submit must meet LiveJournal's requirements—100x100 or less; 40KB or less; JPEG, PNG, GIF. No animated icons.
03. All icons must be new, no pre-made icons can be submitted. If I find out you have, I'll give you a warning and a chance to resubmit, if you don't I will not enter the icon. If you do it again, you will be disqualified.
04. Do not post your icon anywhere until the results for that round have been posted. After results are posted, feel free to do what you want with it.
05. Please do not have anyone vote for your icon nor should you vote for yourself—we don't need any cheaters here!
06. When you submit your icon, please comment to the round post with both the IMG SRC and URL links.
07. When I go to post the results, I will tally up the votes and keep them saved. I will also post a screencap of the points as well as a link to the spreadsheet.
08. You can sign up at any time, but remember -- you can't make up points.

point system

Here is how the points will work, and I hope I've set them up in a fair way (if it turns out to be unfair, I will fix it immediately).

• Voting: At the end of each challenge you will vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place as well as special categories such as best color, crop, theme, and most creative.
Voting is required. If you don’t vote, you get a point taken away.
• Points: At the end of the voting period each week, the votes will be tallied with the following points:
→ First Place: 3 points.
→ Second Place: 2 points.
→ Third Place: 1 point.
→ Mod's Choice: 1 point.
→ Special Category: 1 point.
→ Participation: 1 point.
→ (3) Feedback: 1 point.
→ No Participation: -1 point.
Points are cumulative. At the end of each round, the person with the most points will be declared the winner.

BONUS POINTS // all points must be earned by the deadline of challenge one
• Promos: you can earn 1 point for promoting the community (up to 2 points total). Please do not promote in promo communities. Comment with a link here to where you've promoted or a screen cap if the entry is locked.
• Banner Makers: you can earn 2 points if you elect to be a banner maker for a challenge. Limit 2 points. Sign up here.

Should there be any ties, those people will both receive that number of points.


• Friday: Icons due. New challenge posted.
• Saturday: Voting posted.
• Monday: Voting ends.
• Tuesday: Winners posted.